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Mercedes-Benz Plant Visit Bremen

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Mercedes-Benz Plant Visit Bremen

The visit established for the Mercedes-Benz plant in Bremen has the objective of giving the visitor a genuine, authentic brand experience.
With a look behind the scenes the visitor comes into close contact with the birthplace of a Mercedes-Benz, with its complex production processes, fascinating technologies and dedicated employees.
A holistically designed presentation system ensures that the tour has a consistent theme from the customer’s point of view. The basic shape of the exhibit‘s furniture is reminiscent of an extruded profile and is versatile and adaptable to the particular spatial conditions. A mineralized material was selected for these furnishings which is offset against the factory structures by its seamless structure and color (white).
The focus is on added value on-site. Thus topics are treated which are in a direct relation to the work done in the plant. The elements of the exposition are placed in the immediate vicinity of the corresponding production step. The visitor even has the opportunity to experience hands-on the production processes and innovations up-close and personal.


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Mercedes-Benz Kundencenter Bremen


Mercedes-Benz Plant Bremen



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Photography: Jens Lyncker