Not long on the market, already in the museum?

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Not long on the market, already in the museum?

Just in time for its 10th anniversary, the most recent special presentation at the Mercedes-Benz Museum looks back at the decade of success embodied by car2go. The timing is perfect. Firstly, there’s no doubt that car sharing has gained worldwide social and economic relevance. And secondly the inventor of the free-floating car sharing concept is celebrating his merger with former competitor DriveNow: And the resulting SHARE NOW provides a fascinating glimpse into the future of urban mobility.
The temporary exhibition is designed as a walk-in urban landscape. And in front of a media skyline the various SHARE NOW metropolises are on show. The exhibition architecture consists of strong, sustainable corrugated cardboard and is completely recyclable. At multimedia stations visitors can experience the rapid expansion of car2go from former mobility start up to world market leader.
Info graphics and integrated media provide context around which parallel developments such as digitalization, social media and electromobility play out. An app opens the exhibition up to the digital dimension. And visitors can use it to get deeper insights into the exhibition in a playful way - sharing them with their online social world.

An essential component of the exhibition is a shared office. Here, SHARE NOW employees have a place to work and engage in dialogue with whichever visitor wanders in. Afterall, this is a unique chance to glance behind the scenes of everyday car sharing.Vehicle exhibits such as the first car2go prototype or the concept car - Smart Vision EQ - unite the past with the future. And the addition of the i3 from the SHARE NOW fleet serves a historic role:Afterall, it’s the first BMW to have ever appeared in the Mercedes-Benz Museum.


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Stephan Zirwes