Via Regia  

3rd Saxon State Exhibition

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Via Regia

3rd Saxon State Exhibition

With a focus on Görlitz and the region, the cultural and historical exhibition »via regia – 800 Jahre Bewegung und Begegnung« (via regia – 800 years of movement and encounter) deals with life at and around the old trade route. On around 1.800 sqm and the 5 floors of the Kaisertrutz, a circular cannon bastion from the late 15th century, the 5 themes of the exhibition – foundation, street, market, people and ideas – are presented in a lively way, and stories are told about people, places, art and culture.
Each floor is designed in a different way and with its own lighting mood.
While shape and position of the display cabinets make reference to the content of the exhibition, their colours change gradually from a graphite grey in the basement, where archaeological finds are exhibited, to a light grey on the top floor, which is devoted to ideas. The selective use of the colour red creates visual highlights that support the various scenes. Constant features that link everything together are the floor and the graphics: neatly finished tarmac as a metaphor for the “street” and its characteristic typography. The external walls of the building are used for media presentations – wall projections, monitors and LED tickers – to expand the context and integrate the present. Many media stations invite guests to explore the via regia exhibition in a playful and interactive way.


Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden


Kaisertrutz, Görlitz



involved parties

Sound design: Tonstudio Gress
Lighting design: Fischer & Partner
Photography: David Brandt, Thomas Hundt