»Start to DRIVE Electric«  

Exhibition in DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum


»Start to DRIVE Electric«

Exhibition in DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum

»Start to DRIVE Electric«. The name of the exhibition in the Volkswagen Group Forum in Berlin-Mitte is both a message and an invitation to get to know the new drive technology and try it out for yourself. The idea was to inspire one thing in DRIVE visitors: desire for e-mobility. In addition, a range of interactive installations designed by jangled nerves is designed to encourage visitors to look at the topic of e-mobility holistically. Just like in the true highlight of the exhibition: the »Accelerator«.


Conveying e-mobility emotionally


The »Accelerator« is a walk-in, 360-degree cinema. The impressive visual worlds it shows incorporate all areas of e-mobility: from the environment, to technology, to people and nature. Visitors are »beamed« into another world, creating an immersive experience of a very special kind: visually powerful, emotive access to e-mobility.


Promoting holistic discussion 


The Volkswagen Group conceives of e-mobility as a holistic whole. Which is why it wishes to provide DRIVE visitors with qualified answers and diminish any preconceptions and concerns about the new technology by getting to know it better. The exhibition in the spacious showroom area therefore answers important questions about charging infrastructure and driving range, and about the origins, processing and recycling of raw materials. These topics are discussed in detail via exhibits, information boards and numerous multimedia presentations.


Playful, exploratory presentation


The installation explores new possibilities in automotive design, as well as the opportunities and limitations of employing sustainable materials. However, all the fun aspects of the new technology are not forgotten: Topics such as driving experience, design and individual mobility are discussed in a playful and explorative way. Crucially, the exhibition helps you to understand how an electric vehicle or a modular electric drive kit actually works. DRIVE also shows prototypes and vehicle studies that provide insights into the mobility of the future, including current electric and hybrid models from the Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche and SEAT brands.


Diverse supporting programme


For the duration of the »Start to DRIVE Electric« exhibition, various aspects relating to future mobility will be added and brand focal points will be set. The exhibition is supplemented by a varied supporting programme of events, talks and panel discussions, as well as congresses and workshops. The exhibition at Friedrichstrasse / corner of Unter den Linden is expected to be on view until spring 2021.



Volkswagen AG


Berlin, Germany




Volkswagen AG

video: Melvin Raschke