Sound of Stuttgart  

An exhibition for the ears

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Sound of Stuttgart

An exhibition for the ears

Eyes shut, ears open – that’s the motto of the special exhibition »Sound of Stuttgart«. The exhibition is an urban science centre for the sound of a city and created like an acoustic learning and activity trail.
At various stations, acoustic phenomena to do with hearing are made interactive. Visitors can find out what structure-borne sound means and how noise and anti-noise can cancel each other out. Other stations actively get to grips with the key question: what does Stuttgart sound like? What sound does the Kräherwald forest actually make? And how different does Stuttgart sound by day and by night?

While the design of spaces is usually dominated by visual attractions, it’s the opposite here: to create a sensory space which is as neutral as possible, visual elements have mostly been eliminated. The darkened spaces are dominated by soft materials with an acoustic impact, and text explanations have been kept to a minimum. Visitors can fully engage with the audio and sound experience.
Finally, visitors step back into the light and help contribute to the Stuttgart soundscape. Using hands-on resources like paper, marbles or sheet metal, they can produce sounds themselves and bring a Stuttgart city scene to life. They become Foley – or sound-effects – artists, filling their city with sound.


City of Stuttgart





involved parties

Sounddesign: Klangerfinder


Lukas Roth, Jens Lyncker


Red Dot Communication Award 2019 Best of the Best

International Design Award Baden-Württemberg 2019 Focus Open Gold

DDC Award Gute Gestaltung 2019 Nominée