Sayner Hütte  

Visitor information center and multimedia show

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Sayner Hütte

Visitor information center and multimedia show

For 150 years, pig iron had been produced and turned into cast iron at the »Sayner Hütte« in Bendorf, Rhineland-Palatinate. At this site of industrial heritage, the smelting works form an authentic location from which to be the stars of their own show.
The visitor center affords an initial view of the site, its history and the background of Sayner Hütte: A model of the site provides visitors with a first impression of the spatial dimensions of the plant. During the tour through the exhibition, historical exhibits and various glimpses into the personalities involved at the time reveal a fascinating chapter in contemporary history and explain the operational network that Sayner Hütte used to sit firmly in the center of.

In the unique cast iron building visitors can experience how raw and cast iron used to be produced at the Sayner Hütte. Guests are ushered along the 'path of raw materials' where a detailed model of the plant and historical production exhibits provide a step-by-step guide into the iron smelting process. Several augmented reality stelae bring to life the individual rooms where original features have been lost.
The exhibition’s highlight is the tapping of the liquid pig iron at the blast furnace. The core process of iron smelting itself is the subject of impressive light and sound production features: Water wheels turn, machines whistle, and workers gather in front of the blast furnace preparing themselves for tapping. This goes on until the last of the pig iron, glowing red, flows into the pig bed. An interactive and authentic journey into 19th century industrial leadership. That’s the Sayner Hütte story.


City of Bendorf


Bendorf, Germany




Melvin Raschke