Permanent Ethnology Exhibition

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Permanent Ethnology Exhibition

The concept of the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum is based on the exhibition principles of cultural comparison: The presentations seize on topics that sway people all around the world, but who face them in different ways depending on their local and cultural character.
The museum can show just a fraction of the diversity in these cultures. The media offer an expansion of this fragmentary view. The media stations were optically integrated in each spatial view of the individually choreographed topical rooms and offer a thematic communication of information, rounding out the spatial theme in respect of the European standpoint, or offering in-depth levels of information.
The media stations can be either atmospheric or subordinate to the room. It is important that the theme of the room remains obvious while the media level fulfills its complimentary function.


City Cologne





involved parties

Sound: Tonstudio Gress
Media engineering: 235 Media GmbH