Mercedes-Benz Magical Garage  

Musée Rodin Paris

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Mercedes-Benz Magical Garage

Musée Rodin Paris

On the occasion of the automobile and art fairs in Paris, Mercedes-Benz presented itself in the beautiful gardens of the Musée Rodin, turning them into a colorful stage for forward-looking technological innovations. The car manufacturer celebrated the premiere of the EQE SUV and invites to various exclusive events.

Part of the temporary event set-up is a special tent construction that provides a view of the historic main building. Illuminated with different projections, the facade serves as a multifunctional stage backdrop. As a highlight for visitors, a brand campaign is brought into the space as a physical experience: the "Magical Garage" of the "Showcasing Innovations" campaign is coming to life. A walk-in installation forms an enclosed experience space that sends visitors on an immersive journey. They find themselves as the campaign’s protagonist, float through the various settings of the Magical Garage and explore the groundbreaking innovations of Mercedes-Benz in a playful way.

Surrounded by numerous LED modules, one is completely immersed in the fantastic visual worlds of the Magical Garage, while a Dolby Atmos system provides unmistakable sound. Face and voice recognition react to the visitor's behavior and create an individual experience. The 360° multimedia installation is not only a walk-in work of art, but a unique cinematic adventure.


Mercedes-Benz AG






Andreas Keller, Bjørn Kantereit