Mercedes-Benz IAA MOBILITY 2021  

Brand staging at two locations

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Mercedes-Benz IAA MOBILITY 2021

Brand staging at two locations

IAA MOBILITY 2021 redefines itself: At the new Munich venue, the car and industry trade fair will be held as a decentralized event for the first time - on the grounds of the trade fair and throughout the Munich city centre. Thus, offering the opportunity to implement the diversity of the Mercedes-Benz brand with two contrasting concepts.


While the brand presentation in the Open Space creates an experience with a high social and cultural value in the public space, the brand presentation at the Summit focuses on digitization and the software for future mobility.



A cultural contribution for Munich


The Open Space architecture serves not only as a brand presentation, but also as a public park and cultural get-together, adding a new dimension to the prominent Odeonsplatz with its historic buildings.


A platform that is tilted in the middle creates two sections underneath, used to present the brand. In stark contrast, extending to a height of five metres, an accessible, green roof serves as observation deck and promenade.
The path leads the visitors past various stations of the “Grüne Spur” (Green Trail), showcasing sustainability topics according to the business strategy, and ends at a multicoloured Mercedes-Benz star as the "Instagrammable Moment".
Floating above the gardens is the sculpture "Earthtime 1.26 Munich - presented by Mercedes-Benz" by US artist Janet Echelmann. The piece of art constantly changes its shape and colour through wind, sunlight, and a light show, symbolising the dynamics of our ecosystem.
The audiovisual highlight of the event is the concert series “Artificial Soul presented by Mercedes-Benz”. At dusk, the centre of the pavilion architecture is transformed into a stage.


The booth creates a multi-faceted meeting place in the heart of Munich. Open and inviting - and free of charge to everyone.



Four brand worlds, one brand experience


At the Summit, the overall digitisation of the brand is staged – in the shape of a built network: luminous struts connect the wall elements and form an open spatial structure extending over two levels. The symbolic grid architecture divides the space into four communication areas and thematic worlds, that are grouped around the centre of the brand space. Each area offers an interactive experience. Additionally, an installation consisting of graphic and media surfaces in combination with a sound and light installation build the frame for different highlight vehicles.
Several approaches and communication formats transform the digital world and its services into an intensive interactive space. In addition to explainer lectures from various development divisions, exhibits provide more detailed information, both analogue and digital.


Mercedes-Benz AG


Munich, Germany




Andreas Keller, Kristof Lemp


ADC Germany, 2x silver