Mercedes-Benz CES 2023  

Tech to Desire

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Mercedes-Benz CES 2023

Tech to Desire

Themed "Tech to Desire", the Mercedes-Benz brand presentation at CES unveiled exciting innovations enriching the lives of the customer inside the car and beyond. Among other things, the inspiring VISION EQXX technology program, the Mercedes-Benz High-Power Charging Network and partnerships with various entertainment companies were presented.


The VISION EQXX with its technology and digital themes is staged as the focal point of the booth. Embodying Mercedes-Benz's path to an all-electric, sustainable and luxurious future, the record-breaking vehicle finds its stage in the seemingly infinite depths of a walk-in kaleidoscope. An iconic image from infinite perspectives emerges.

Large mirror surfaces interact with an LED screen and immerse the kaleidoscope in different atmospheric worlds: The VISION EQXX, accompanied by interactive media tables, becomes the central visitor experience. Two EQ vehicles are ready so that visitors can experience the wide range of digital features from Mercedes-Benz directly in the production vehicle. Inside the kaleidoscope, the Superdackel waits and encourages social media activities.


Mercedes-Benz AG


Las Vega, USA




Mercedes-Benz, Andreas Keller, Marc Schleiß