Lascaux 4  

Visitor Centre in Montignac, France

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Lascaux 4

Visitor Centre in Montignac, France

In October 2012 the winner of the competition for the design of the future “International Centre of Cave Art in Montignac Lascaux” was chosen.The design of Oslo-based architectural firm Snøhetta in collaboration with scenographers Casson Mann from London and jangled nerves from Stuttgart - who were responsible for spatial media-based staging - emerged as the winners of the competition, which attracted 88 submissions from around the world and had a two-stage selection process.

The international team was able to assert itself against its competitors mainly because of the way it integrated the architecture into the landscape and the technologically innovative scenography. The submission’s spatial media-based staging in particular helps bring to life the period 19,000 years ago. Visitors are given a multimedia torch, which serves as a guide and provides detailed information. The torches are also formally reminiscent of the lanterns that had to be used when the cave was discovered, turning the visitor himself into an explorer who studies the faithful replica of this famous cave, which is a world cultural heritage site.


Conseil Général de la Dordogne


Montignac, France



involved parties

Architecture: Snøhetta + Duncan Lewis
Scenography: Casson Mann