KVV Customer & Experience Center  

Experiencing and Understanding Public Transportation

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KVV Customer & Experience Center

Experiencing and Understanding Public Transportation

A black circle on a white background, the information desk immediately catches everyone's eye and serves as an initial point of reference and contact for all customers of the new customer center of the Karlsruhe public transportation agency (Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund, KVV).


The newly designed customer center features a timeless style and clean lines. Light colors and carefully placed accents create a friendly and inviting atmosphere - including separable areas for additional privacy. The design with its strong contrasts links the customer center and the experience area, the surfaces, and media with a consistent, visual appearance.


The experience area resumes the circular design: On the inside of the round room, floor and wall projections create a multifaceted image of the KVV with its extensive network of rails and roads - and invite visitors to explore the region and its towns in real life together with the KVV. While the inside of the circle features an auto active installation, the outer wall offers various interactive stations and further insights into the Karlsruhe public transportation agency. Vehicle miniatures show in-depth information on the topic of mobility, employees from different areas of the KVV give very personal insights into their work, a driving simulator lets visitors step into the driver's cab of a streetcar.


The new customer center of Karlsruhe transportation agency, KVV: Open and inviting. Informative and entertaining.


Karlsruhe public transportation agency (Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund, KVV)






Jens Lyncker