Fascination of Technology  

Mercedes-Benz Museum Interactive Lab

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Fascination of Technology

Mercedes-Benz Museum Interactive Lab

The exhibition space »Fascination of Technology« at the Mercedes-Benz Museum gives insight into the complex processes of the creation of automobiles. It opens up the world »behind the star« for the visitor.
At center stage are four film portraits with 24 employees speaking of their work areas in research, design, development and production. They are fluent in the local language of Swabian as well as in German and English. During their work they permit a glance over the shoulder.
The exhibits besides the film portraits are artifacts from this work, which are explained in detail by mobile monitors. With this mechanism and the motion aesthetics of these monitors, a self-referential image is created that spells the fascination of technology.


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Exhibition design: hg merz architekten museumsgestalter