Car Configurator  

Customer Center of the Autostadt

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Car Configurator

Customer Center of the Autostadt

In the customer center of the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany, the world’s largest vehicle distribution center, visitors can configure Volkswagen’s whole range of models in a never before seen resolution and splendor on the all-new Car Configurator.

All the car’s interior and exterior features can be defined on a touchscreen and appear in real time as an almost life-size image on a 152-inch screen. Besides showing the overall appearance of the vehicle, the high resolution allows a view of the details. The front-end interface and the presentation screen are combined in a monolithic solid made from a white mineral material. This white giant lies at the heart of the mise-en-scène and is flanked by an 11-metre long material wall, which is used to present large, three-dimensional examples of all the optional cloth and leather upholsteries, inlays and paint finishes.


Autostadt GmbH




2013 Architektur Kommunikationsdesign Konzeption Medienproduktion Medientechnische Planung

involved parties

Software: Realtime Technology AG
Architecture: designyougo
Photography: Lukas Roth