iF design exhibition Hamburg  

Permanent Exhibition

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iF design exhibition Hamburg

Permanent Exhibition

Every year iF International Forum Design presents awards for outstanding products from around the world. In the new exhibition space in Hamburg’s HafenCity iF now has the opportunity to present the latest design achievements and provide a comprehensive review of its more than 50-year history.

The exhibition covers two floors. A permanent exhibition on the so-called Arcade level is devoted to the history of iF and is a great place for browsing and exploring. Auto-active steles let designer personalities get a chance to speak. On four consoles visitors can interactively browse the archive of the “online exhibition” while multi-touch tables invite exploring young talents. A grandstand gives an excellent view to a “mega screen wall” used for presentations and live events.

In contrast to this digital presentation, the temporary exhibition on the Warft level underneath shows the works of the current award winners and focuses on the display of physical exhibits complemented by auto-active media stations. This level is primarily based on a modular exhibition system whose elements can be combined and positioned in different ways depending on requirements, thus providing a high level of flexibility. The permanent components of the temporary exhibition consist of two large wall-mounted display cabinets and the digital “sushi tape”.


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Photography: Bernadette Grimmenstein