Archeological Exhibition

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Archeological Exhibition

For more than 150 years the medieval wall fragments of the Erasmus chapel have been buried under the St.Mang-Square in Kempten and fallen into oblivion.
Today, the fragments have been exposed and made accessible for visitors via a shelter, which is used as an archaeological showroom.
The exhibition designed by jangled nerves balances the visiting experience and didactics. The visitor is invited to follow a virtual journey through the history of the city of Kempten – from the Romans to the present. The historic events and developments are visualised through video projections that overlay the archaeological fragments.
An imaginary archaeologist tells the stories. A son of the city, the actor Peter Pius Irl, has given him his voice. The light and audio production lasts for 12 minutes.
The animations produce a differentiated atmosphere and convey the didactical information on an emotional level. In the middle of the room archaeological findings are presented. A sliding display is at the visitor’s disposal providing in-depth information about the exhibits and the city’s grand historical events.
The spatial-media based mise-en-scène and content communication is realized in alignment with the existing building structure. Thus, embracing the authenticity of the place and conflating media and space to a holistic exhibition experience.


Stadt Kempten, Tiefbauamt





involved parties

Architecture:Architekturbüro A2
Lighting design: LDE Belzner Holmes
Sound: Tonstudio Gress