New Mobility

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New Mobility

At the beginning of the 21st century, mobility and the social expectations placed on it are in a state of transition: electric drives, interconnected transport concepts and sustainable energy production create new mobility. The eCUBE has been designed as a point of interest that provides information about the challenges involved in mobility in transition and clearly illustrates the innovative solutions that scientists and traffic planners from Baden-Württemberg are exploring and implementing.

Based on a modular quadratic structure, the eCUBE is designed in a minimalist stylistic language and has the shape of a cuboid. This allows the focus to be on its content. An additional area on the side that protrudes from the cuboid forms a spacious and inviting entrance. The inside walls of the eCUBE display large graphics on the topic of mobility. In the centre the visitor will find the “Nukleus”, a media installation that illustrates the specific mobility situation and future-oriented concepts. The information pillars outside the eCUBE, with touch panel and hands-on exhibits, provide insight into the current projects in Baden-Württemberg.

Mobility as the central theme of the eCUBE does not just inform the concept of the content and how it is conveyed, it was also taken into consideration for the eCube’s formal design. Because the eCUBE will be installed in several locations throughout Baden-Württemberg during its tour, special attention was paid on the cuboid to be easy to install and disassemble to keep it mobile.


Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart


Stuttgart, Schwäbisch Gmünd



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Photography: Jens Lyncker