DMG MORI Digital Showroom  

Hybrid Experience

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DMG MORI Digital Showroom

Hybrid Experience

10,000 sqm exhibition space, 80 machines live on site. That was how trade fairs were at DMG MORI. Until a digital alternative had to be found due to corona. How to make the presentation of the latest machines, which is crucial for the sales-oriented business, digital and impressive? How to transport the significance of human interaction and dialogue on site into the virtual space? Through digitalisation and personal, emotional interaction.


A virtual showroom. Digital replicas of all relevant machines. Visualised photorealistically. Available worldwide, 24/7 and in real-time in a game engine. In order to present everything vividly and authentically, former warehouses in the two largest DMG MORI plants are turned into professional broadcast studios. A new LED screen - framed by two real machines - serves as the gateway into the virtual showroom. Physical and digital merge seamlessly to form the stage for presentations.


Digital multi-day events. Next stage hybrid events. Small groups of visitors on an impressive stand watch the presentations live in the studio, ever larger groups of visitors online via the stream. Returning to the fairgrounds in autumn 2021, exhibition spaces are transformed into temporary broadcast studios. With real machines, virtual showroom, personal presentations, and an inviting hospitality area.




Pfronten, Mailand