Deutsche Telekom »future zone«  


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Deutsche Telekom »future zone«


For turning the complex and innovative products from the technology company into a live experience, a B-to-B showroom was furnished where visitors can delve into the product worlds on guided tours lasting between 15 and up to 90 minutes.
In the beginning, the visitor is guided to an invisible turntable leading into a cinematic situation. There an animated film is viewed which shows the dynamic development story of the company – a vivid business report. Through a transparent screen, the visitors enter the second room and motion symbolically into the product world of T-Online. Because the products are virtual services, the room consists on the first level of perception of three »architectural sets« embodying mobile communication, work and leisure. Several visitors can interact and communicate at the same time, not only with the system but also among each other. Graphics, media and furnishings are matched to each other and form an inseparable unit in the perception of the visitor. The modular arrangement of the software allows regular updates of the entire system for the integration of new products.


Atelier Markgraph GmbH





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Exhibition design:Atelier Markgraph