Das Wunder von Bregenz  

Major Regional Exhibition

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Das Wunder von Bregenz

Major Regional Exhibition

»The Miracle of Bregenz« depicts a fictitious football match between Austria, Switzerland and Germany at EURO 2008. Arranged according to the minutes of the actual games, historic moments from 100 years of football history are compiled in a new, 100-metre long match.
39 display cases represent 39 footballing heroes and present legendary exhibits.
The graphic assembles authentic photos to form a continuous panorama, linking the exhibits with reports, photographs and films to form 39 unforgettable moments in football history.
In the evenings the wall is raised 3 metres above the display cases, the two turf segments »Before the game« and »After the game«, the two stands and the centre circle half-time bar. Suspended above the heads of guests, it offers a fascinating club atmosphere.


Haus der Geschichte Baden-Württemberg


Bregenz, Austria



involved parties

Graphics:intégral ruedi baur zürich
Photography: Andreas Keller