The Exemplary – Mercedes-Benz S-Class  

Exhibition Set

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The Exemplary – Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Exhibition Set

Since the inception of the automobile age the top models by Mercedes-Benz have been among the best-known and renowned representatives of the art of German automobile building. The origins of the S-class series go back as far as 1903 with the development of the Mercedes-Simplex 60 PS.More than 100 years of brand-name and model history, packed full of innovation and new ideas are on display in the 16 vehicles of the S-class.

For each of the 16 milestones of the model series there are visual displays of information on 16 boards for each vehicle. The boards are set up in rows and supplemented with 3 vehicles to allow different configurations according to the particular context. Perspectives, details, reflections – of real and virtual S-class models are woven into a collage transcending time and space. Visionary and traditional aspects produce a fascinating overall impression for the visitor. Design, comfort and safety – these are the three key elements of the S-class traveling exposition. Each key element is explained by text, graphics, film and physical examples and provides the visitor with additional, more detailed information.

In addition, brochures and post cards are available for take-away and an iPad is also provided for an interactive comparison of the displayed variants of the current S-class. The new S-class exposition is designed as a temporary, traveling exposition and can be seen on domestic and international venues.


Daimler AG


Cologne, Milan



involved parties

Exhibition stand construction: Raumtechnik Messebau & Event Services, ExpoTec
Photography: Andreas Keller