Cité de l’Architecture  

Signage and Communication Design

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Cité de l’Architecture

Signage and Communication Design

We concepted the signage and communication system as well as the didactic level for the museum’s collection.
The museum’s collection consists of innumerable 1:1 plaster models, wall and ceilings frescos on important buildings of French architectural history. The signage system and the exhibit lettering are reduced to what is absolutely necessary and applied to the wall as mere colour shades. All other levels of information are written with light on and next to the objects. The place’s mysticism is not disturbed.
The illuminated letterings appear in their own rhythm and then disappear again, stimulating the visitors to move. Other stations are triggered by sensors - the visitor’s body is turning into an interface.


Institut de l’Architecture Française


Paris, France



involved parties

Partner: intégral ruedi baur Paris