Campus V  

A representative signage system for Mercedes-Benz

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Campus V

A representative signage system for Mercedes-Benz

For the building of the new Mercedes-Benz »Campus V« in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, a representative signage system had to be developed that strengthens identification with the brand, shapes it and lives its values.

The new »Campus V« of Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart-Vaihingen is a modern representation of the brand and its values. The urban architecture is accompanied by four graphic living worlds that guide employees and visitors through the entire brand cosmos of Mercedes-Benz. Each level in the »Campus V« buildings is characterized by one of four lifestyles: nature and adventure, urban mobility and city life, sport and activity, and lifestyle and fashion.

In the buildings, the visual and emotional themes are made present with large-format images. Functionally, they serve as orientation, but they also strengthen the bond between employees and the brand through their visual language and the motifs and topics chosen. »Campus V« offers a modern and inspiring working environment that can react modularly and flexibly to different needs. Visitors find an inviting place whose design makes the brand values of Mercedes-Benz tangible.


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Andreas Keller