Bionic Car  

Special Exhibition about a Car Concept

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Bionic Car

Special Exhibition about a Car Concept

The car concept »bionic car« by Mercedes-Benz is modeled upon nature: the rectangular anatomy, the ideal aerodynamic and the light weight construction of the circa 12 cm big trunkfish are transferred to a visionary vehicle.
The travelling exhibition maps the development »from fish to vehicle«. The prototype of the bionic car is standing on a laboratory bench next to the 40-times magnified trunkfish. The indentations of the bench correspond to the streamline flow of the visitors and enable them to easily approach the exhibits. The basic information in respect to the idea, the vehicle, the fish and technology are integrated into the margin of the bench in the form of texts, pictures and movies.
At the elevated tail of the bench the vehicle model in the scale of 1:4 rotates in front of a transparent digital viewable screen. The virtual information is congruently superimposed on the actual object to an »augmented reality«. With a simple, touch-sensitive interface the visitors can control the rotation themselves and delve into diverse topics.


Daimler AG


Paris, London, München, Berlin



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Sculptor: Jan Hooss