Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall  

Redesign of the Foyer

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Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall

Redesign of the Foyer

The objective behind the redesign of the Bausparkasse in Schwäbisch Hall was to create a modern appearance that conveys and reflects the values and goals of the company. The measures undertaken are based upon an integrated concept that incorporates both functional and creative aspects in equal part.

Light-coloured wood and black shiny glass characterise the impressions of the room, creating homogeneity within a space that is required to fulfil multiple tasks. Evenly and harmoniously, the wood sweeps from the entrance to the bistro. Like the room itself, it fulfils various functions: it serves as wall covering, furniture and was used for the doors that blend in so directly to the creative environment. The glass surface opposite functions as a multimedia "magic screen". Back-lit logos are present, alongside integrated monitors and touch screens.

The two courtyards are also given a fundamentally new interpretation, incorporating functional and creative elements. One of them is covered over and converted into an indoor space. This enables it to be used for small exhibitions, for example. The modular doors can open up the courtyard to the adjacent room and connect the two. The second courtyard is ideal for spending time outdoors. The so-called "Markenhaus" acts as a distinctive, symbolic feature: its minimalist design and concentrated detail evoke the origins of the Schwäbisch Hall brand.


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Photography: Jens Lyncker