Out of Control?  

Traveling Exhibition

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Out of Control?

Traveling Exhibition

The travelling exhibition of approx. 200 objects shows that control and surveillance is not a simple relationship between dark powers and the defenceless subject, rather, it can manifest itself in many different and even ambivalent ways.We are being controlled, but we ourselves like to observe our fellow humans. In order to do justice to this reciprocity, the objects can be viewed from two different perspectives: the viewpoint of the controller and that of the controlled.

Accompanied by surveillance cameras, the visitor enters the exhibition through a jungle of prohibition and warning signs. The architecture of the exhibition is based on a storage rack system whose parts are assembled to form a long display case wall. The diagonal position of this ready-made object across the entire length of the narrow exhibition room generates two different zones that symbolise the ambivalence of control: on the white side the visitor takes on the role of the controlled, and on the black side, of the controller. The track takes you from the small to the large – from private surveillance through to control by companies all the way to the state as the most powerful and controversial entity to exercise control. The themed sections are differentiated using different colours for the graphics.

The climax of the exhibition is in a separate cabinet: the art installation “Menopol II” by Timo Toots generates personal data of visitors from their identity card details and visualises them until the estimated date of death.


Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt


Frankfurt am Main



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Photography: Jens Lyncker