Architecture in Transition  

Traveling Exhibition

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Architecture in Transition

Traveling Exhibition

Currently, the architecture of the sixties is put under scrutiny. Frequently, its poor constructional conditions force renovation, conversion – or even demolition.
Not only among experts do opinions differ when assessing the quality of the buildings of the time.
The architecture exhibition is not shown in a museum but instead in various edifices from the sixties. The exhibition system is based on the idea of a conventionalized architecture firm: on the desks the most important architectural projects are presented, in the plan chests information about additional edifices is provided, in the shelves memorabilia from the time are exhibited and at the conference table visitors are invited to discuses the main exhibition theme. The »Zeitgeist-Lounge« serves as an introduction to the exhibition by abducting the visitor into the societal, political and creative context of the sixties and by evoking images and feelings. Several Pastil Chairs (Eero Aarnio, 1967), which allow for a rest, are completed by a »remembrance shelf« (USM Haller, 1962) that exhibits topical everyday items and design objects.
The five subject areas of the exhibition are presented in a fluxionary space, furnished with the architecture office classics: plotting desks by Egon Eiermann and plan chests by Bisley, both from the sixties. The combination desk/chest corresponds with the classical principle of exposing and depositing: a few carefully selected items are spotlighted while the bulk and the explanations are prepositioned in drawers.
Due to the media level and the contemporary display of text and image a fascinating interplay is created between the topical furniture and the contemporary presentation techniques.


M:AI Museum für Architektur und Ingenieurkunst NRW


Duisburg, Bochum, Cologne



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Photography: Lukas Roth, M:AI