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Communication and Design System

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adidas Factory Outlet

Communication and Design System

Being an authentic sports brand, Adidas can refer to a history that can be experienced with the help of numerous moments in sport. These “moments“ are becoming the building’s central theme.
The staging already begins when approaching the building: with the help of animated illumination, the tower with the logo is turning into a pulsating heart. Combinations painted on the floor make the multi- storey car park an event zone and offer orientation in a playful way.
The piazza associates a stadium; the exciting programme on the LED wall invites to linger for a while; illuminated showcases, which are let into the floor, contain footballs from all decades.
Graphics, media and furniture in the foyer are integral elements influencing one another. The multilayered graphics and the media stagings all over the room stimulate visitors to move. The cinematic horizon above the sports bar shows short clips of emotional sports scenes, which are repeated in more detail in the beams hanging from the ceiling.


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involved parties

Architecture: Wulf & Partner
Design concept: L2M3 communication design